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Want To Know How A Man In His Late Forties Went From Frumpy, With Numerous Health Issues To A Strong Vibrant Healthy Man?

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Adult Martial Arts

Are you ready to improve your focus, attitude, and your overall mental state of being?

AK Karate by Greg Cole Self Defense Classes present a new way to learn a combination of old-school training and modern innovations in Self-Defense. We’ll train you in Self-Defense, Martial Arts and effective combat techniques, plus  we will also throw in some elements of sport and meditation, to help you get fitter, safer, and more focused in your life.

We conduct Self Defense Classes for adults of all ages in Bosque Farms, South Albuquerque Los Lunas area . Many were interested in Self-Defense, Karate, Kenpo for many years before they joined our school. Join us today, train and get in shape fast! In addition our students  they experience great lifestyle improvements by training in the Martial Arts.

Kids Martial Arts

Would you like to ensure that your child will grow up to be confident, fit and capable? 

We have a blend of unique elements in all our martial arts classes; techniques, discipline, respect and fun. The outcome: disciplined kids who are well-behaved with a great sense of respect everywhere they go. Parents of the students love our classes too for they have seen their kids perform better in school.

All our classes are filled with fun activities and games. Kids are taught new martial art techniques as well as being helped to improve and master old ones.

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AK Karate by Greg Cole

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