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AK Karate by Greg Cole

Building Great Character For Life!


Empowerment Through Tradition in Los Lunas

Welcome to AK Karate by Greg Cole, the premier Martial Arts Institute nestled in the vibrant community of Los Lunas. Rooted in the ethos of traditional Martial Arts values, our institute is dedicated to empowering individuals with both the physical skills and mental fortitude needed in today's world.Our mission ...

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Unlocking Excellence: The AK Karate Difference

At AK Karate by Greg Cole, our unwavering commitment is to deliver nothing short of excellence in both service and instruction to our cherished students. We understand that true mastery goes beyond the physical techniques taught within our programs; it encompasses every facet of the student experience.

From the ...

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Lar Thomas

What a fantastic way to keep the mind and body tuned up. I came in thinking this would be a nice, temporary distraction. Now after almost 4 years, I'll be testing for my Black Belt soon.



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